Decision: Land Rover Discovery 4 MY10



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3 responses to “Decision: Land Rover Discovery 4 MY10

  1. Kaf

    Nice touches: reversing camera that shows tow ball, memory seats, rear aircon, xenons, rear curry hooks

  2. Kaf

    Wish list: cornering xenons, key connected to seat memory, steering column and mirror adjustments, power tailgate, lumber support that moves up and down in addition to existing in and out adjustment.

  3. Kaf

    Needed to replace VW Touareg that had done 240,000km.
    Needed a tow vehicle that had the full assortment of safety
    equipment and towing capacity of 3,500 kg. Never actually tow this
    weight but feel that horse float and one or two horses at 100km an
    hour with daughter and partner deserve the highest margin for
    safety I can afford. Considered waiting for the new Touareg but it
    only arrives in Australia in April or May so too long a wait. Fell
    in love with Land Rover Sport but more expensive than Disco and
    room in the back was as small as the Touareg. The Touaregs boot
    size was a problem when going away with three or more peoples
    luggage never mind dogs or those Christmas day bag and overnight
    bag runs. Land Rover guy said that I would love the Disco more
    after month 3 with the extra space and extra 2 seats. Toyota land
    cruiser too big. I loved Benz GL but partner could not see past the
    Mercedes brand and felt that visibility was better from

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