Porsche Cayman 2010

Silver with PDK, fast, furious and special. Felt that it was straining at the leash, ready to let go. It did not need to be manhandled but definitely needs a driver that has self control. More thoroughbred than warmblood. Was caught in Burnley street tunnel traffic for the first 30 minutes of the overnight test-drive. Felt like a caged cat, prowly the perimeter, searching for a way out of the snarl. When the road finally cleared, easily found ways of filling relatively small gaps in traffic and then created gaps for others to fill when accelerating away via paddle tweaks. Porsche PDK (or DSG in VW speak) was amazingly quick when changing up or down. In auto mode there was a hesitation between foot and wheels. I got better at managing the delay and felt that I would master it, given more time.
Daughter loved it and did not seem to care that there was no third nor fourth seats.
Handed it back understanding why someone would buy one but knowing that it was no for me as an every day driver.


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