VW Touareg MY05 V6 3.2

Purchased second hand.
Only 35k on the clock. Few bits of trim missing but otherwise clean and straight. Worlds worst tyres fitted. Hard and slimmy in the wet. Will add brand when I think of them.
Added 18″ Orsche wheels to accommodate Nokian winter tyres at 255. Extra inch definitely degraded ride compliance but less understear. Think I would prefer the comfort but understear would have been even worse on 17″ x 235.
Have put 45,000 km on in 9 months and all OK except for gearbox changing down too soon on hill climb and then holding gear too long once over summit. Have been told its an adjustment to FPS ??? Forward position switch. Will know after service.


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Holden VL Commodore

Blue, company car, turbine like straight six, smooth as silk. Terrible brakes and bump steer. Had to replace rear shocks every three months or so. Car replaced at 110,000 km.

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British Leyland Mini

Bought whilst traveling. Surprisingly big inside. Easily accommodated my 6″ frame. Don’t remember the year. Round headlights and rust everywhere. On trips to Oxford needed to stop and hop over garden walls occasionally to borrow a watering can of water to fill radiator. Temp was fine on motorway but would climb rapidly with no moisture in radiator. Fond memories of this vehicle and teaching girlfriend to drive. Bought it from a lovely lady that I worked with and sold it to my hairdresser. (think it was a 1971, will investigate further)

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Mazda RX3 coupe 1974 13B rotary

Filler car that accelerated like a bat out of hell. 13B rotary motor had a unique rough idle when cold but when warm was spectacular. It need TLC and I had no cash-flow so neglect led to non-starting car. Sold when leaving for interstate. Fun while it lasted.

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Ford Capri 2.0 pinto motor with Celica 5 speed box

First car. Asked Dad for a motorbike so he bought me this one instead. Black, leather seats. Noisy, went well, terrific wide rims and a starter motor that kept coming loose. Got it in final 3 months of high school and lasted me a year at university before being sold for me for capital injection required to continue overseas travel.

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Land Rover 1996 Discovery


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Land Rover 107 or 109 1957

Bought in Warburton. Body in good condition. Carburetor
unoriginal. Used for carting hay and carrying equipment around for
fencing etc. Had PTO and hand throttle. Doors came off which was
handy in summer. Could Carry a lot of wood. Brakes never really
worked but it looked great!

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Decision: Land Rover Discovery 4 MY10


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Decision: VW Golf GTD MY10

Drove a 103 TDI with active chassis control. Liked it.
Drove because I was told that there were no GTDs in the country and
that it would be March 2011 till a GTD arrived with chassis
control. Turned around in car yard and there was a GTD! Bought it
without chassis control. Goes well, all that torque and DSG takes
care of relatively narrow power band. Am 6″ plus and still fit
fine. Seats are snug with lots of support. Great squirt car without
the fidgity feel of the GTI. GTI Loves revving but needs them to
get going. Unless you are concerned with looks rather than ride,
stick with the 17 inch wheels. 18s are much more harsh and friends
with 19s regret their decision. Lead Up: went to two Audi
dealerships on three occasions and received zero help. At Burwood I
sat in cars, had a look, viewed brochures and was asked to move out
of the way so that a car could be removed. The guys returned a few
minutes later with takeaway! Lunch more important than sales or
customers obviously. Thought about Commodore as the commonsense
option but seats don’t provide enough support.

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Porsche Cayman 2010

Silver with PDK, fast, furious and special. Felt that it was straining at the leash, ready to let go. It did not need to be manhandled but definitely needs a driver that has self control. More thoroughbred than warmblood. Was caught in Burnley street tunnel traffic for the first 30 minutes of the overnight test-drive. Felt like a caged cat, prowly the perimeter, searching for a way out of the snarl. When the road finally cleared, easily found ways of filling relatively small gaps in traffic and then created gaps for others to fill when accelerating away via paddle tweaks. Porsche PDK (or DSG in VW speak) was amazingly quick when changing up or down. In auto mode there was a hesitation between foot and wheels. I got better at managing the delay and felt that I would master it, given more time.
Daughter loved it and did not seem to care that there was no third nor fourth seats.
Handed it back understanding why someone would buy one but knowing that it was no for me as an every day driver.

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